Accurate Radon Testing uses the best quality gear.

Check out our deployment kit:

Airthings Corentium Pro Monitor

The Corentium Pro was designed by physicists from CERN, the prestigious Eurpoean nuclear research organization.

The Pro is built in Norway and incorporates all the latest technology into a single, light-weight, low-power unit.

It's four-sensor system with a patented detection-rejection algorithm eliminates false triggers.

The unit has built-in sensors to detect signs of tampering.

AccuStar Labs, right here is Massachusetts, processes water samples.

Accurate Radon uses the closest available water processing lab.  Each sample has USPS Tracking.

Samples typically take about 1 week to process.

SecureGuard Non-Residue Tamper-Evident labels for basement windows.

SecureGuard Tamper Labels are used on basement windows to ensure test integrity.

These labels have a unique backing which does not leave behind any residue.

Occupant Explanation card explaining the test.

Door Handle Reminders help improve compliance.

Tripod for proper placement and stability.